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Statement of Financial Condition as of October 31, 2017

Loans to Members $43,362,193
Less Allowance for Loan Loss (99,458)
Net Loans $43,262,735
Interest Bearing Checking Accounts/Liquid Assets $1,775,797
Investment Accounts 12,765,459
Fixed Assets 3,725,022
Other Assets 702,623
Total Assets $62,231,636

Liabilities and Members' Equity
Accounts Payable/Dividends Payable ($117,883)
Accrued Expenses 206,004
Members' Shares
Shares $36,946,113
Share Draft Checking 10,131,587
Christmas Club and Wish Accounts 1,824,325
Share Certificates 1,876,364
Individual Retirement Accounts 5,532,750
Total Members' Shares $56,311,139
Regular Reserve 1,206,927
Undivided Earnings 4,625,449
Total Members' Reserves $5,832,376
Total Liability & Equity $62,231,636

Number of Members: 7,499

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Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
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