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Overdraft Protection

There are several ways to avoid a bounced check at Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union:
  1. Keep additional cash in your primary share account or a “Wish Account” club savings account. If you show up overdrawn we will transfer the funds to cover the NSF check. The credit union recommends this method as the most economical form of overdraft protection.
  2. The second best option for overdraft protection is to apply for a credit union Line-Of-Credit. The Line-Of-Credit can be programmed at your request to transfer funds into your checking account to cover an overdraft. You will be required to pay off the Line-of-Credit and to pay any accrued interest on the loan.
  3. If none of the above methods help your situation, you may be eligible for “Paid 4 You”. “Paid 4 You” allows a share draft checking account to overdraw without bouncing the check (up to a maximum limit of $600). The fee per “Paid 4 You” item is $30 per item (check, debit card, or electronic debits such as an ACH item).
This optional benefit is only available for checking accounts in good standing that have been open for a minimum of three months and for members who regularly make a $100 minimum monthly deposit into the checking account. Any overdrawn item should be repaid to the credit union within 30 days or this benefit is deactivated for the member. Also, if the member is 15 days delinquent on a credit union loan payment, this service is also deactivated until the loan is up-to-date.

The credit union encourages each member to keep their checkbook balanced so as to avoid ANY fees related to an overdrawn item. However, if you make a mistake in balancing, we are proud to offer options that can keep your overdrawn item from bouncing to another business that may result in even more penalties from the merchant.

If you need assistance in learning how to balance your checkbook, please call (931) 484-9433, extension 136 or extension 131. An appointment can be scheduled to discuss your financial situation for taking more control of your finances by using Teller Line or E-Branch home banking.


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